Terms & Conditions


The instructions of the staff or therefore qualified persons, which are connected to the house rules, must be followed at all times at the event and in the immediate surroundings.

Dutch law is in force at Modular events.

All visitors must identify themselves if explicitly requested.

You will be searched to protect your own and other people’s safety. If you do not cooperate with this, you will be denied access.

It is not allowed to take cool boxes, complete lunch packages and similar inside.

It is not allowed to take beverages inside and outside the gates.

People dressed in soccer shirts and / or clothes that belong to (a) certain group(s) will be refused.

Film, video and professional photographic equipment (cameras with large interchangeable lenses) are not allowed.

Pets are not allowed (for their own good).

The distribution of promotional printed matter and / or trade in good at the event and in the immediate vicinity is prohibited, unless written permission had been granted by the organization.

Persons who want to enter the event under demonstrably influence of alcohol, drugs and / or other substances can be denied access, the person who is demonstrably under the influence can not claim any reimbursement of tickets and / or travel costs.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the tent or building, only in the smoking area.

Drugs and other substances are prohibited at Modular events.

Upon detection of possessing a maximum of 5 grams of soft drugs, you have the option to cede them. If you refuse to hand over these soft drugs or if you have more than 5 grams in your possession, you will be transferred to the police.

Upon detection of the use, possession and / or dealing in soft / hard drugs or other substances, you will be held and transferred to the police.

At Modular events all daily social norms and values apply.

The threat and use of force, making discriminatory remarks in word and / or gesture, sexual intimidation, urinating in public, beer throwing and mud throwing are not tolerated.

It is forbidden to possess weapons and other objects that can be used as weapons.

Upon detection, you will be transferred to the police. When committing crimes you will be arrested and handed over to the police.

The organization and / or its employees can not be held liable for any injury and / or material or immaterial damage.

Over 85 Db (a) of sound can be produced at the event, the organization does not accept any liability for adverse consequences that may possibly occur to your hearing.

The stay at the event site is therefore entirely at your own risk.

During the event, photos & video recording will be made for promotional purposes.

Everyone who visits our event agrees with this.

In the event of non-compliance with our house rules, you will be irrevocably denied access to the event and you will be notified of a local ban of one or more years.

Subject to changes.


Privacy Policy
Modular Music B.V. (“Modular Music” or “we”) respects the privacy of every visitor to its website (jointly “Visitor” or “you”) and ensures that the personal data of the Visitor is treated confidentially and with care.
This Privacy Policy governs the use of the personal data of the Visitor by or on behalf of Modular Music. This Privacy Policy will be used by administrator and operator Modular Music, a private held company registered with the Chamber of Commerce (under number: 62972197) in Rotterdam.
If a Visitor has not reached the age of 16 yet, his parents or legal representatives must be aware of this Privacy Policy before the Visitor will be able to register to use the Website(s)
Use of data
By entering your data for reuse of our services through our website, if and insofar as necessary, you give explicitly consent to the use of your data as specified below. Modular Music will not without your permission use your information in other ways than mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Modular Music processes and protects personal data carefully and with due observance of the relevant provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)
Modular Music uses visitor data to ensure that all sales processes and other interactions run as smoothly as possible. In order to buy products through our website you must enter certain information such as: name, surname, address, zip code, city and country, email address, telephone number and date of birth, occupation, company data, and data about social network profiles and online media, including website(s) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram (hereinafter: “Registration Data”).
Furthermore Modular Music shall also be able to obtain data about the interests, buying behaviour or wishes of the Visitor (hereinafter: “Commercial Data”). Modular Music may obtain these data when a Visitor notifies it of them. However, it may also obtain data of this nature if the Visitor offers it access to the said data – via Facebook, for example – or because it has been able to deduce these Commercial Data from the way in which the Visitor uses the Website(s) (and apps) or from the fact that the Visitor has made purchases elsewhere, via third parties, that ensure from his use of the Website(s) (and apps). The Modular Music servers shall also automatically record the surf data of the Visitor, such as the IP address, the time of the visit, the browser type and which functionalities are used (hereinafter: “Surf Data”). Modular Music shall be able to exchange these Commercial Data with its own partners or group companies and shall be able to use the Commercial Data and Surf Data relating to the various products and services that the Visitor buys to create a profile. It shall only be able to process and use these Commercial Data and Surf Data in a non-anonymized form too if the visitor grants his explicit, prior permission for Modular Music to do so. Should the Visitor object to the further processing of Commercial Data and Surf Data, he shall be required to immediately notify Modular Music of this via privacy@modularmusic.nl.
Modular Music shall only use Registration Data, Commercial Data and/or Surf Data for the following purposes with the explicit and unequivocal permission of the Visitor and provided this permission has not been withdrawn via privacy@modularmusic.nl: (i) to be able to o er, deliver and invoice agreed products, services and/or information (or have the aforementioned o ered, delivered and invoiced) on the basis of these data and also to be able to modify products, services and/or information or offers of this nature (or instruct the aforementioned) in line with the needs and wishes of the Visitor and, should the Visitor wish this to happen, to give Modular Music the opportunity to exchange information (or cause information to be exchanged) with others, (ii) to be able to make (targeted) offers via advertising, e-mail and/or social media networks and to keep the visitor up-to-date on the latest news and/or updates and/or service announcements, (iii) to be able to maintain and/or improve the Website(s) or app from a technical point of view, (iv) to be able to comply with legislation and regulations and identify fraud, theft or misuse, (v) to be able to do market research, (vi) to be able to prepare analyses of the visit to and use and purchase of products and services, (vii) to establish a strategy for the future, if a purchase elsewhere ensues from the use of the Website(s) (and apps), (vii) to be able to update the personal profile of the visitor,
If you no longer wish to receive this information, except for Registration Data which may be used by us in conjunction with the execution of our agreement with the Visitor, you can let us know by withdrawing your consent via an e-mail to privacy@modularmusic.nl. Any changes you wish to make to your information may be done yourself or you may request that we process changes via the above-referenced e-mail address. Changes will always be made by Modular Music within reasonable time limits.
Modular Music does not sell your data
Modular Music will not share your personal information to third parties, except for as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy. Our employees and our third parties are required to safeguard your personal information confidentially. Your personal information is safe with Modular Music. Modular Music appreciates the trust you place in us and therefore we will be extremely careful with your data handling. Your information will be protected and kept confidential at all times. Modular Music secures personal data as safe as reasonably possible, in accordance with the latest technology. Modular Music uses security techniques to protect the loss, mutilation or damage to personal data. Modular Music shall not retain personal data any longer than necessary for performance of the agreements and activities set forth in this Privacy Policy.
Cookies and the opt-out mechanism
We use cookies to recognize you when you visit our Website(s) and if you use our app. Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer. Cookies enable us to collect information regarding usage of our services in order to improve them and to adapt to the needs of our visitors. Our cookies provide information related to personal identification. You can adjust your browser by not allowing cookies of this Website(s) and no information will be kept of you.
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We believe users should be informed about online advertising technologies and have the ability to choose whether they receive ads targeted to their interests. For more information about targeted advertising, please click the following link: www.youronlinechoices.com/.
Disclaimer of Liability
There are third-party links on our Website(s) that will send you to websites that we have no control over. Clicking on a third-party link is done at your own discretion and risk, and by doing so, you understand that you will be solely responsible for any loss or damage that may result from such activities.

If you have any questions regarding the Modular Music Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to info@modularmusic.nl. This Privacy Policy may be adjusted from time to time. The amended Privacy Policy will apply from the publication date. In the case of a change of our Privacy Policy, this page will always offer the most recent information.